For the 2024 season, FKFC is entrusting the grading of all age groups, from 8 to 18 years, to our training partners, Prodigy Football. With their established expertise in youth development, Prodigy Football is ideally positioned to help the club create competitive and well-balanced teams. This will be achieved through their thorough and comprehensive trial process, designed to accurately assess and place players based on their genuine skill levels. FKFC is confident that this collaboration with Prodigy Football will enhance our team formation strategy, ensuring each team is built on a foundation of true player ability. All players that wish to play in a first-grade team, will need to complete grading

Why do we grade players?

Grading young football players, by assessing and grouping them based on skill, experience, and potential, offers multiple benefits:

1. Skill Compatibility: Ensures players of similar abilities play together, fostering a conducive learning environment.

2. Targeted Development: Facilitates more effective training, allowing coaches to tailor sessions to the group’s specific needs.

3.Confidence and Motivation: Players are more likely to engage, try new skills, and stay motivated among peers of similar skill levels.

4. Team Cohesion: Promotes balanced teams where players can work together effectively, enhancing team dynamics.

5. Fair Competition: Leads to more evenly matched games, making the sport more enjoyable and competitive.

6. Personalised Coaching: Coaches can offer more individualized feedback, addressing each player’s unique development needs.

7.Healthy Progression: Supports a clear development pathway, encouraging continuous improvement and reducing the risk of burnout and injury.

What is a friendship team?

At FKFC, we recognise that the aspirations of our players vary, with not everyone aiming for first division play. In line with this understanding, we’ve committed to accommodating players who prefer to participate in friendship teams. This approach allows us to cater to the diverse interests and goals within our club, ensuring a place for everyone who wishes to enjoy the game in a more relaxed, social setting.

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