Manager Information

At FKFC, we understand that managing a football team involves various challenges and responsibilities. That’s why we’ve implemented a robust support system to ensure that our managers feel confident and well-supported throughout the season. Each age group is overseen by a dedicated Age Coordinator, a knowledgeable and experienced individual who serves as a point of contact and guidance for team managers. Whether you have questions about player development, administrative matters, or any other aspect of team management, your Age Coordinator is here to provide assistance and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both managers and players. At FKFC, we believe in fostering a supportive community that enhances the football experience for everyone involved.

Age groupCo-ordinatorContact
U8 MixedStuart
U9-U11 MixedAnthony
U12-16 MixedKaren
U18 MixedChristian D’
Girls 8-11Anthony
Girls 12-16Michelle O'
Senior WomenLisa
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