Mens Senior team

In a triumphant display of skill, dedication, and team spirit, Forest Killarney Football Club’s Men’s Senior AL1 team emerged as the victorious champions of the AL1 league season in 2023. Their remarkable achievement has propelled them into the esteemed Premiership division of the MWFA league, marking a historic milestone for the club.

Guided by the coaching prowess of Paul O’Shaughnessy and Rob Kunjeski, the Men’s Senior AL1 team exhibited an unparalleled commitment to excellence throughout the season. Now, as they ascend to the Premiership division, the anticipation and excitement within the Forest Killarney community are palpable.

This achievement not only solidify the team’s standing as a force to be reckoned with but also reflects the club’s dedication to fostering talent and promoting success at every level. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary journey of the Men’s Senior AL1 team and stay tuned as they continue to make waves in the challenging terrain of the MWFA Premiership division.

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