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Yes, and all team managers must be 18 years of age or above. The role can be shared between 2 adults if required.

If you are managing a Junior team (U6 up U18) you must have a Working With Children certificate (WWC). These can be obtained (or renewed) for free from the NSW Government’s Office of the Children’s Guardian website here:

You do not need to separately register as a manager (like you do in winter) as when you register the team, this automatically registers you as a manager.

The primary source of contact will be via email

Each age group will also have a WhatsApp Group created for Managers.   We ask that you join these for your age group because any last minute changes due to weather, fields etc will be sent via this communication channel, not via email.  Its also a way of communicating with other managers if you need to borrow players etc.

No, a referee, goals and soccer balls will be provided for all matches.

For U6 to U9 games, all referees provided will be juniors aged U13 and above.  These junior referees will have training specifically for Summer Football rules, not for Winter season rules.

For U10 to U12 games, referees may be juniors aged U13 and above, or qualified junior referees.

For U13 and above, referees will be qualified.

Please respect our referees and remember that this is a social competition.

The referee will record the match results in Dribl.

The away team needs to borrow bibs from the front desk if you are playing a team with the same (or very similar colour shirts).  The colour of the team shirts is listed next to the team name in Dribl. The away team are the 2nd team listed on the fixture. Please take 1 bib per team for your goalie (U8 and up) and keep this for the season.  Please return at the conclusion of the season.

Yes.  U6 and U7 teams must have a minimum of 3 players on the field.  All other teams U8 and above must have a minimum of 4 players on the field.  Players arriving late after a match has commenced may join in the game immediately.

Please note you are allowed to borrow players from other teams. Borrowed players must be from the same or a lower age group or division.

If you wish for a player to play in your team that isn’t registered, we do offer a Casual Player Rate.  This is a one-off payment per game.

You are allowed to borrow another registered player from a team. Borrowed players must be from the same or a lower age group or division. If you do this, you do not need to do anything in Dribl.  

We do offer casual rates if an unregistered player is filling in for a once off game for your team:

The initial Fees are below (this includes insurance):

Senior Player $45
Junior Player $25

This is for the first game.  Players need to register on Dribl (  and choose the “Casual Player” (Junior or Senior) option.  They will need to enter the team code of the team they are filling in for so you need to provide this.

After the first game, any subsequent games are:

Senior Player   $20 per game
Junior Player   $15 per game

This is to be paid by credit card or cash to us at the official desk.

We ask that you borrow a similar colour bib for your borrowed or casual player from us as the team you are playing in.

For more information on borrowed players rules, please refer to the Rules page.

Please do all possible to not forfeit, and if you need to, give as much advance notice as you can.

Forfeiting is via Dribl  (you may wish to also post on the WhatsApp group). See the below link for instructions.

The competition is played on all weather pitches so we look to keep games on as often as possible. Wet weather alone will not cancel fixtures.

Due to the tight scheduling and ground availability, if rounds are canceled due to weather conditions they will not be replayed and points will be split evenly. The only exception to this will be if a single match scheduled on the Grass fields is impacted by wet weather. 

Reasons for match cancellations:    

  • Storms – If storms occur and lightning is an issue, time slots will be cancelled. We will generally monitor storms closely and recommence the competition when they pass. Time Slots will not be delayed – they will be canceled.  
  • Extreme Rain – Matches will be cancelled if rain is excessive. Light rain and passing showers will not impact fixtures.
  • High Wind –  Whilst wind is uncomfortable it will not impact matches unless the competition management deems it unsafe. If wind reaches levels where goals are likely to blow over then we will cancel matches for safety reasons. 
  • Extreme Heat – The FKFC Summer Competition operations under the Football NSW Extreme heat policy which states that matches will be stopped if temperatures reach certain levels. For Youth (Under 18 years), at a maximum ambient temperature of 32° or above. For Adults, at a maximum ambient temperature of 37° or above. A copy of the policy can be found here:

Communication for changes due to weather conditions will be via the Managers WhatsApp Group. As the competition runs over many hours we need to treat each age group independently and assess weather conditions for that time slot. If you have not joined the WhatsApp Manager group – please let us know.  Once we communicate with you via the Whatsapp groups you can share this with your teams.


All insurance claims and information can be found on the below website.  Once the form is downloaded and filled in, please email and we will organize for our President to sign and return to you for submission.


Please contact us for further questions

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