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U6 and U7 teams must have at least 4 players in a team (we recommend no more than 6 players to ensure an adequate amount of time on the field for all players). Not there are 4 players on the field at one time.   
All other age groups must have at least 6 players in a team (5 players plus a goalie on the field).
It is recommended to have at least 2 additional players for substitutions and in case of illness or injury. There is no limit as to the number of players in a team, however teams should consider a balance that allows as much time as possible for players on the field in a short game alongside the need to have an adequate number of reserves.

The age group for a player is the age they will be turning by the end of the current year.

Players can play in their own age group or up to 2 age groups above their age group.  So for eg: a child turning 10 this year will normally play in their own U10 age group, however they can also play in the U11s or U12s if they would like more of a challenge.

Please note players who do not turn 5 or older in 2024 are not allowed to play.

O35 players can also play in a team with AL players (all-age 19-34 years).  However AL players are not allowed to play in an O35 team.  U16s, U17s and U18s may also play in the AL age group.

Forest Summer Soccer is a social competition and is structured to encourage players to form their own team amongst their friends, winter teammates, social and other sporting groups.

If you do not have a team to join (or do not have enough players to complete your own team) please complete this brief online form for Individual Players so that we can help you find a team or players.

Once you’re in a team, complete your Player registration.

Yes.  The registration fee is the same whether you join in week 1 or week 8, it isn’t reduced.  All players joining the team must be registered to ensure that they are insured to play. There are no exceptions to this condition.

All levels of players are welcome and encouraged in this competition.  We always have many teams who try out Soccer for the first time and normally play different sports during Winter.

If there are enough teams in an age group, teams will be allocated a division (usually up to 2), however this is not always possible.  Teams may also be split into groups after a number of rounds to ensure that teams of comparable skill level play each other in later rounds.

Yes, you can seek help and borrow a player to help out your team if you are occasionally short on players.  However the player MUST be either registered with this competition, or pay a casual fee rate.  This is a single, reduced registration fee per game.

Borrowed Players are strictly available to assist a team when they are short a player, NOT to increase the skill level of a team.

Yes.  U6 and U7 teams must have a minimum of 3 players on the field.  All other teams U8 and above must have a minimum of 4 players on the field.  Players arriving late after a match has commenced may join in the game immediately.

Yes.  Players can play for a different team as long as the age group fixtures for the additional team are at a different time slot. 

We offer a 50% discount for the second rego.  If playing for a third team, the discount is 75%. Please email so we can give you a voucher code to use in the registration process (please register for your first team as per normal).

Yes, however if a team consists of more than 2 representative players, the team MUST play up at least one age group.  If a team has 5 or 6 representative players, they should consider playing up 2 age groups to ensure a fairer competition. Please remember this is a SOCIAL competition.

The additional rule for the O35 Mixed teams is that there must be 3 female players on the field at all times (not including the goalie). 

Please note that Mixed teams can still play in the Mens competition. The O35 Mixed competition is for those teams who wish to ONLY Play against other teams consisting of both female and male players.


Please contact us for further questions

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