Wilson Storage

Wilson Storage: Supporting FKFC and Community Storage Needs

Wilson Storage’s ongoing sponsorship with FKFC underscores a shared commitment to local sports and community well-being. This partnership is pivotal for FKFC, enabling the club to pursue its mission of fostering local talent and promoting football within the community.

The relationship between FKFC and Wilson Storage goes beyond traditional sponsorship. It’s a collaboration that benefits the wider community, especially when it comes to storage solutions. Wilson Storage offers a variety of storage options that cater to the diverse needs of our members and the local community, from securing personal belongings to storing equipment.

An added advantage for FKFC members is the exclusive discounts offered by Wilson Storage. These discounts provide a tangible benefit to our members, making storage solutions more accessible to those who need them. When speaking with Wilson Storage, FKFC members should mention their membership to access these special rates.

This partnership not only supports the logistical needs of our club and its members but also reinforces the sense of community and mutual support that is vital to local sports and organizations. Wilson Storage’s continued backing is a key element in the club’s ongoing success and growth.

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